The Best Guide to Live Mahjong Pai Gow

Live Mahjong Pai Gow, the most popular of all Macau casino games is now gaining traction in Canada and a lot of other countries. Plenty of Canadians now know the intricacies of this play since the house edge is not too big as compared to other games such as roulette. In case you want to check out Mahjong Pai Gow online, there are very few options. This is one of the reasons why it is not as popular as it should be in the US and Canada.

Live mahjong pai gow is now being enjoyed by more people. In Canada, this is normally not to be found in real casinos. If you are one of those who enjoy this play, the only option is Bet365 for the live mahjong pai gow. The software provider is Playtech and the game can only be done in a live dealer studio located in Asia but this can be enjoyed by players in Canada. In time, there might be more casinos offering this once the demand increase.

The game allows the player to bet on three players hands. All three are different. The bet on the player can be to lose, to win, be dealt pairs or a tie. Dealers play the banker hand. The goal is to beat his hand. Bets on live Mahjong pai gow range from $1 up to $500. This combines both high rollers and casual gamers.

Playtech software are usually played in browsers instantly but this is not true for live mahjong pai gow. For this, you will need to download it to your desktop. There is no interaction with other players but you can talk with dealers. Dealers are quite chatty if you are in the mood to talk.

Bonus is also provided for live mahjong pai gow. Upon making the initial deposit, the player is given a $200 bonus that he can use to make bets. If you are looking for a mahjong game, check it out. The plays don't cost much as you can do a $1 bet if you are still feeling your way around this game. It is quite easy to learn and understand. There is really not much skill involved here but mostly luck and pure chance. If you are one of those lucky players, this is definitely the game for you. Download it now and start winning!