Tips and pointers for live roulette

Roulette games are one of the most popular games in any casino, whether this be online or in physical reality. A lot may opt for the convenience and comfort of an online adventure, but some die-hards and purists may argue that nothing beats the thrill of immersing in the sounds and action of live roulette games.

Here are some notes and tips to help you get started on this thrilling adventure.

Bets are normally placed before each spin and until the dealer signals the end of betting by waving a hand over the table and an announcement of such. Even when the ball is already in motion, a bet may still be placed as long as the dealer has not yet given the notice.

Wagers may be made on several things, including individual numbers, on the color (black or red), location on the table (like columns) or groups of numbers (such as odds or evens, first 12, etc). With this, the chips are placed in the middle of labeled boxes identifying the number or the grouping. You may also position your bets within lines, in which case the bets would be split, such as on a line between two number, at either end of the row (for all numbers in said row), on the intersection of several numbers (for all numbers touching the intersection), or at the intersection between rows (for all numbers in both rows).

Once the ball stops and the winning number is announced, a marker will be placed on it. Remember that only the dealers are authorized to collect the losses and deal out the winnings, so never touch the chips on the board.

Common etiquette in live roulette games require that you do not throw your chips. If the boxes or lines are out of your reach, you can request the other players to place them for you. Just make sure to offer the same courtesy to others. Also try no to lean into the table to avoid casting doubt or obstructing the view of others. A good tip to keep in mind is to share blessings, so tip your dealer especially when he does a good job.

That's all there is to it, so start your live roulette games adventure now!