Digging Into The Roots Of 4 Best Online Card Games For Cash

Today we look at four best online card games for cash. Not however at their rules. We are going to take a sneak peek back to the where's & when's from whence they came. We have to appreciate the origins of some of these games without which there would be no online card games!

3 Card Brag

This is a game that they would have been playing in merry olde England as far back as the 16th century. It had crossed the seas from Italy where it had been played under its original name of "Primero". Like Poker, whose roots are the same, Brag is for those people who like games of bluff, essentially a game where you try to fool your opponents as to the strength of your hand.


This is a game that was popular with the high rollers of Europe in the early 19th century & late 18th century. As far as card gambling, it is one of the oldest games of which we know. The name is thought to have originated from French playing cards with a Pharaoh on them that were shipped to Britain. The game hit the United States and was popular until 1915 around the gaming rooms of the west.

Gin Rummy

Here, we have another card game that appealed to those with bulging wallets, time for show time! Gin was originally introduced into New York at the early part of the last century in 1909 coming from the family of Rummy games. It hit a huge peak in the States in the 1940s where it was almost a national phenomenon. The high stakes played for, made it hugely popular for the big time gamer.


What Americans know as Blackjack or 21, is best known across the pond in Britain as Pontoon.

The game of Pontoon is played with a regular 52 card pack with all the cards having their normal values with the ace representing either a 1 or 11, depending on the players' choice. Any amount of people can play, although between five and eight players is considered the norm. Each player first draws to be banker, with highest card winning, then each player in turn try to score higher than the banker to win.

There you have it folks, perhaps a few little known facts to brighten your day, now go play!